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Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

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Barbe aka Bee

March 8, 2012

Linky Party Update & Painting Dilemma!

Hello Ladies, thought I'd do a quick post to let you know the Frugal Treasures Link Party is back up and running!  Hope you'll come back and share links to your projects.

I also was looking for help with a dilemma on my little table.  Anyone know why it bubbled like this after I primed it and what I can do to fix it?  You can see what it looked what it looked like before here.   There was some water damage.  But I thought it would sand out; even then it didn't sand very smooth. The more I sanded it the more it seems to peel and almost shred on the edges.  Any ideas . . . ?  I thought of adding mosaic tile to the top, but wonder about the stability of it as a base. What do you all think?  I really need the help and suggestions.  Thank you in advance.



  1. Hi Barbe :)
    Thanks for being a follower! I'm glad you liked the photo cube idea...Amy is full of great ideas!
    I was looking at your table and I think the problem is that it's made of medium density fiberboard or particle board, and it soaks up the paint. Have you ever set a glass of water on a piece of furniture that's not made of real wood and it made the furniture swell up? I think maybe that's what happened to your table. If you were wanting to just paint the top, you might have a problem, but you could probably cut a piece of wood for the top to stabilize it to do a mosaic. OR you could do what I did to the top of the dresser in my laundry room...I had a piece of plexiglass cut for it. You can see what I did here....http://www.mycottagecharm.com/2011/06/how-to-paint-dresser-laundry-room-style.html
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for the tip, Missy! That's what I was thinking also, mdf or particle board. It's odd, it seems like its a layer only along the outer edges. The middle stayed smooth. I think I may get a thin piece of wood from HD to fit the top and add a 12 X 12 floor tile; brother just did remodels and can probably get one for free! -_^ But, will check out your laundry room dresser also. Thanks again.

  2. Very strange Barbe. It's hard to tell from the photo, but is the top of it laminate that's peeling? If that's the case then either peeling it off (a hot iron can help) or just covering it is your best bet. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maryann, I think laminate is what it is! I couldn't remember the word for anything! lol I did notice the puffy peeling of it doesn't go through all the thickness of the top, just about 1/4 of an inch!


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