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August 23, 2012

Window Shopping!

I was feeling a little bored the earlier tonight so I decided to do a little window shopping but . . . . on Craigslist!!!  I was amazed what was available locally.  If only I had more space . . . . lol  *WARNING*  This post is HEAVY WITH PHOTOS!  So get your coffee or tea and whatever goodies to go with it! : )

First we'll start with the free stuff.  This is what was available as of today.  If only I wasn't going out of town, today I'd so be trying to pick these up. . .

image 2

image 1
I know your drooling right now . . . huh!  Just pull up and take it all for free!  There is also a king size mattress set; must take all or take none.
Next were these barraster(sp) cases below.

  Isn't this gorgeous!  There are two of them and totally for free, just pick up!

How's this for inspiration while potty training and only $25!  My youngest grandson just got potty trained. lol

Below I found another crafter with a Facebook page, Revolving Door Decor, selling these wings!  Such a simple yet pretty project.  She also has some awesome furniture pieces!
image 3

I might have to buy these:  bookshelf, table, and small painted chest all for $40!  I've been looking for a tall narrow bookshelf; other pieces a bonus. : )

Love the shape of these nightstands.  Notice the glass tops that come with them.
image 0

I'd love to see this made over, too much gold!!! *_*
image 0

Tissue holder, mirror, toilet shelf and magazine rack - all for $100.
image 1

They have 2 at $100 for both!

I recently saw one of these on someone's blog, $25.
image 0

Begging to go home with someone for a makeover, $5.

Beautiful but expensive, $400!
image 0

If only I had the strength to manage a business!  Only $50!

This one has glass shelves and the lighting for $40.
image 0

Awesome storage for a craft room.  Look at those shelves and the deep drawers plus a lock and key, $150
image 0  image 3

Now this takes me back to my first apartment!   Wonderful memories . . . -_^  I think they're making a comeback also!  Only $40.

I love this table and it extends to 60" oval with the leaf extension that sinks in the middle!  I so need a kitchen table set though this doesn't come with chairs.  But it is solid oak and can keep it round for everyday use.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us  Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I need to make arrangements for this bedframe before I leave this evening!  Just what I've looked for!  Just $100 or best offer!
image 1

Okay, so you see this could go on forever! LOL!!!  The interesting thing is I usually don't find much of anything locally, especially in furniture.  Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me and have a blessed rest of the week.  If you haven't already, don't forget the Frugal Treasures Tuesday party is going on through Sunday evening!


  1. You're right, these are awesome! I just wish I lived over there to grab up some of these.

    1. Aren't they great! The only reason I was looked was I knew I couldn't shop right now! But next month . . . hmmmmmm! lol

  2. Great finds I will have to restrain myself from looking to long. They may wind up at my house.


    1. Awww come on, Cynthia, just a couple of pieces won't hurt! -_^

  3. You have so much to chose from. I enjoy browsing Craigslist too.

    1. Hi Brandi! I think seeing all those potential projects helps to keep my creative juices flowing! : ) Hope you have a good weekend. Me . . ., I'm headed for the beach with a group of friends. -_^

  4. WOW!!

    Love all of it and those freebies were amazing. I would be trying to stuff as much as I could into my SUV!!


  5. There are so many great finds on Craig's list! I could spend all day on there. I've found some pretty great stuff. I also got my dog off of there but that's another story lol!


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