So . . ., you've finally found the perfect place, lots of storage, nice size rooms, all the extra amenities. But, then you're told "no painting and no making holes in the walls"! You feel all your decorating plans going out the window. What can you do to make the space your own.

Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

I hope you enjoy my tips and will also share your own. I'll also be sharing some of my on going projects. Once again . . .

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July 17, 2012

Update - Creating A New Space!

Update one the new space. :  (
Well, the deal fell through!  Aaarrgghh!!!  The lady I was dealing with had her info wrong which made what I was planning everything on off.  The worst is I called back and forth double checking the info throughout the process.  I had to take a couple of days to get over it. *_*  : -(

But now I've calmed down and back to reality.   So I can start back to working on some of my big projects and plan for my beach trip with my friends next month instead of packing. *sigh*  : -)

Okay everyone, I've been hinting about a big surprise in the near future!  Well, its official . . . I'll be moving in a month.  I'm leaving my small 1bdrm apt for a large 2bdrm duplex.  Not only is the space larger, but it has so many great vintage features such as high ceilings, lots of molding, vintage bath vanity and more.  Here are a few pics from the rental company.  Notice how the garages separate the spaces which means more privacy. Plus with a garage, I'll have a space to do my projects again.  Yippeeee!!!
 This front entrance has a small porch which I didn't realize until the walk through.  I've seen so many great porches here in blogland, so looking forward to inspirational searches on Pinterest!  Below is the livingroom with three nice size windows; I love lots of light.  It's a good size and the carpet is a nice mocha color throughout.
I love that I'll still have a/c with a remote control!
This dining room was a bonus I wasn't expecting!  I'll probably put the ceiling fan in the kitchen and replace it with a chandilier!  Plus I get the fun of looking for a new dining set!
 I love my large eat-in kitchen with lots of counter space.  Yippee!  But no dishwasher so guess  I'll be renting one.  My back and feet injuries just won't let me stand long enough.
Love the large window over the sink.  Check out all of those cabinets, can you say STORAGE!!!  Plus there's space for a table inside the kitchen area.  The golden tiles actually has a thin red thread running between them; my roosters will be quite at home here.

This spare bedroom has built in storage and two deep closets.  Just what I need for my new Sewing/Craft room!

I'm so in love with this vintage bathroom vanity!  I don't even mind the colors as they go with my present bathroom decor.  This pic doesn't show it, but its really large too!  Only thing I'll change is the lighting and probably add molding around the medicine cabinet.  It's built in the wall so I won't be taking it down.

This patio has so much potential and has lots of space.  There's even a large brick bar-b-que grill that's not showing in this picture.  I see loads of potted plants and comfortable seating in the future. :  )
Thankfully the yard already has some plant beds with some nice plants like this butterfly bush.  There is also lemon and grapefruit trees in the front and the back.  I will definitely be enlarging the beds in the back and getting it ready for planting veggies in the spring.  Can you tell I'm excited.
I've lived in an apt for the past 6yrs and it will be nice to be in a larger space again; especially with no noisy neighbors above.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my future home.  I'll be looking forward to sharing and getting tips and suggestions from you all.  So stay tuned . . .   Now for the packing, yuck! *_*  LOL!
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  1. Hi Barbe, What a pretty new home! I can just see all your plans unfolding...Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing your finished home! Stop by to visit soon!
    Many Hugs,

  2. Barbe, I'm so happy for you. I'll definitely envious of your new craft room...so much space! Enjoy

  3. Congratulations, my friend! So exciting!!!

  4. Thank you ladies! Unfortunately, the deal fell through and I won't get the place. : -( It was really hard in the beginning but I'm moving forward. : )

  5. So sorry about the deal falling through. I always believe that there is a reason why things don't work out and that the perfect place is just waiting for you. :-) Hope you have a terrific time at the beach!

  6. That is so heart=breaking to lose that beautiful place. I am sending prayers for you.


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