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September 5, 2012

Italian Chairs - Yard Sale Jackpot!

This is the third time I've started this post!  Blogger image and design tools weren't working correctly.  So after a couple of days, I finally figured it out . . . too many apps on my browser! *_*

Anyway, on to my great yard sale jackpot!  Since it was so warm this entire holiday weekend, low to mid 90's, I figured there wouldn't be any yard sales this weekend!  Well, I was so wrong!  Okay, let me just say, I'm not usually one of those people who swing a u-turn on impulse; but this time I plead guilty! LOL!  You see, I was supposed to be going to the grocery story and return somethings at Ross!  I almost made it to the stop sign at the corner when I spotted these chairs.

So I "hooked-a-u-ee", as my sons used to say, and got out.  I was disappointed when I only saw 3 chairs and started to get back in the car.  But then I decided to ask the young man in charge and he was like, "Let me check inside."   Out he comes with a fourth chair, Yippee!!!   Not only did I find the dining chairs I've searched for the past year, but 2 other great finds also.  Please excuse the slightly blurry pics as my camera is having its own issues. lol  First the chairs:
 Aren't they beautiful!  They are in mint condition structurally and even the finish is barely scratched!    I don't know if I'll be painting the frames as the mahogany-colored stain really looks good in my kitchen.  Then came the bonus!  When I flipped over the chairs to put them in the car and saw "made in Italy" on the bottom.

I was familiar with the style but usually they are cheap imitations at yard sales.  Though they aren't my personal style, like these on Ebay which sell for $120(still a good price),
These would be more my stlye.
 they are solid wood and should last a long time!  But at $20.00 for the set, they'll be mine for quite a while.  Of course, I'll be changing the upholstery so totally ignored the fabric.  I'm thinking of maybe trying my hand at a french graphic for these, what do you think?  I have the perfect fabric for it!

I also bought this small hutch!  It was just what I needed to replace my bakers rack; much more storage.  It is laminated which is not a problem for chalk paint; love that stuff!  But thankfully, after a good scrubbing and disinfecting, I can use it now since the color actually blends in with my kitchen. : )  This cutie was only $7.00!

I also bought this small video cabinet.

It will work perfect for my bookshelf needs; but will share more in a later post.  It's solid wood and even has some cute carvings on it.  Closed storage, love it and only $5.00!  So those are the scores from my last minute yard sale - total spent $32.00! -_^

I was hoping to get some painting done yesterday, but was really sick since 10am in the morning!  Hopefully today I can get something accomplished.  Hope you're week is going well.


  1. Very nice finds...Your chair were definitely a good buy...Great shopping!

  2. Great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with the chairs.

  3. Nice Italian chairs! (I have to cheer for my Country...)

  4. WOW!! I would say that you made out like a bandit!!

    Love the chairs and the hutch!!

    Looking forward to seeing how the chairs will look after you re-upholster them...


  5. You are so lucky! What a great find! And so smart of you to check for a fourth chair!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!

  6. I have been looking for chairs similar to these for awhile. I cannot believe the price. I love the cabinets also. Great hunting, Barbe


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