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Barbe aka Bee

February 24, 2012

It Starts With A Strong Foundation!

I'm taking some time to remember and honor the memory of my greatest example in being a woman others loved and respected.  I only pray that I will have such a fine name in the eyes of others when my life ends.  I hope you enjoy reading and sharing this personal moment with me!

On February 24, 2000 my mom lost the battle against cancer.   She was only 74yrs young and still living quite a vital and active life.   Mom was a strong and beautiful woman and the vital cord that kept our family together.  Being a respectful and loving wife and raising 8 kids is a major challenge in any time, but she and my dad did it with grace and love.  Today I wanted to take a moment to remember the many things I've been taught by both of my parents to make me the woman I am today.  The one thing I loved most about my mom is she showed me that you can be a respectful and supportive wife without feeling like a lesser person.  I saw at a young age what it means for a couple to show mutual respect and consideration for one another and each be proud of their role in their marriage.  The lines were clear and even we as children knew it.  

My dad worked hard out of the home and mom worked just as hard in the home.  Both were appreciated for their effort and showed it openly.  My mom always said my dad spoiled her and he said the same thing about her.  Now I'm not saying they had some type of fairy tale marriage; happily ever after didn't happen.  But for 25yrs, what I saw was amazing and worth taking note of.  There were certain principles my parents drilled in us eight kids regularly:  We're all created by one God and he intended for all of mankind to live together in peace.  So learn to get along with people no matter what their background or nationality (this was a weekly family reminder).  Another was, a smile and kindness goes a long way in the worse situation.  And one I try to live by daily is:  Don't think too much of yourself!   Don't take everything so personal and remember that you have bad days too!
This my parents on their first anniversary!  He was 21yrs and she was 16yrs and six months pregnant with their first child.  They married sooo young back then! -_^  Five months later, Dad was drafted to fight overseas in World War II!  So glad he made it back home safely to bring about 7 more kids; or I wouldn't be here! lol

 On July 3, 2008, my father L.C. Brice went to sleep in death.  He was 88yrs old.  Dad was a strong family man with strong values.  With five sons, he set a great example of what it means to be the head of a family according to what the Bible taught:  A real man is strong enough to be gentle and loving without thinking he is weak yet intelligent enough to know the responsibilities laid upon him and that the Bible didn't say his wife is his compliment/trophy, but his complement/completion.  I really appreciated knowing this as I became a young woman and was in my first real relationship.  I knew what to expect and what not to accept. -_^

From their union their descendants have grown to:
Children            8
Grandchildren    30
Great-grandchildren   58(soon to be 59)
Great-great-grandchildren   3

I thank you all for sharing this moment with me in remembering my parents and the loving legacy they left my siblings and I.  RIP Meemo and Poppoe!

Watch tomorrow for my next post- Adding a Little Bloom to Your Light!
Barbe aka Bee

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your parents. Eight children and a successful marriage your mother and father sound amazing, you were blessed.

  2. You all were truly blessed with a beautiful wonderful Mother.

  3. que lindo...eu acredito que neste mundo não deve ter nada melhore do que mãe.Você está bem? Espero que sim. beijos

  4. Thank you for your kind words ladies. Yes, I do feel really blessed. Have a good evening! : )

  5. You are one truly blessed lady! How amazing to feel this way about your parents and what an honor it must be for you (and your family) to come from such a loving couple!

    I've become one your followers as of right now. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for you comment. (:

    -Mari @craftasticmommy.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you Mari! I feel blessed for having such awesome foundation on which to grow from. I only hope my kids will feel half as blessed as they grow older and look back! : )


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