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Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

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Barbe aka Bee

February 10, 2012

Awesome All in White!

Okay, so as I was strolling through Facebook I came upon this photo!!!  Isn't this bed awesome!!!  This is the creation of the talented Mrs. Billie Nixon of Austin,TX.   She features one of a kind pieces in shabby chic, beach house, french country antique. and vintage furniture.   She has a beautiful daughter, which she shares a picture of on her website.  I've seen many beautiful white pieces on the many blogs I've visited, but have never seen so such a large collection of vintage pieces all in one place.
You will find even more by visiting her website:      All in White Shabby Chic Designs!  She is so so talented and is an amazing example of decorating beautifully with white.  Notice the furniture has soft shades of color and the effect is just dreamy!  You will find even more on her Facebook page:  All-In-White-shabby-chic-and-beach-house-designs

Then I went to her website and found this one below and I was all atwitter with joy!
Just imagine what you can do with the furniture you have.  Maybe you even have a mother or grandmother with an attic you could go treasure hunting in.  It doesn't matter if this isn't your style of furniture, white can be very contemporary or modern also.  Just look for the clean lines you may prefer and get to painting!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Hello Barbe,

    Yes, the white bed is so lovely! Such a pretty room! So nice stopping by to visit with you this evening!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    I just swooned over the second bed. : ) Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. I love your new post; anything with peanut butter and chocolate and I'm on board. lol

  3. I am now following you on Linky.I would love it if you followed me back. I really enjoy meeting new Bloggers.

  4. HI,
    I'm happy to be following you from the Linky followers blog hop!! If you want to follow back, I can be found at http://www.measuredbytheheart.com

  5. Hello - I am now following you as a Linky Follower and would love it if you would follow back at TheStuffofSuccess - thanks and have a great evening. Athena

  6. Barbara
    I am glad you stopped by my blog to give me your honest opinion on What You Like, Dislike" about my blog. It is very helpful. Like I said in my reply though I know my eclecticism shows up in the appearance also. I have some work to do.

  7. thanks so much for your comment! love the white bed!




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