So . . ., you've finally found the perfect place, lots of storage, nice size rooms, all the extra amenities. But, then you're told "no painting and no making holes in the walls"! You feel all your decorating plans going out the window. What can you do to make the space your own.

Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

I hope you enjoy my tips and will also share your own. I'll also be sharing some of my on going projects. Once again . . .

Barbe aka Bee

October 1, 2012

It is Fall Isn't It?

Hello everyone, I realize I've been MIA the past few weeks.  Just had a lot going on with the family and giving my body time to rest up and heal.  Actually today is the first time I feel more like myself. : -)

I have been slowly working on one project that I hope to share by the middle of the week. -_^  Well its the first day of October . . . so says the calendar and the news reports!  Hmmm . . . but the news also says it will be 100 degrees today, as well as, tomorrow! *_*  Sheesh!  I'm ready for fall weather not just the announcement.  So I see many of you are sharing beautiful turned leaves from your yard and from your neighborhood walks.  This is what is still in my gardens:

Now don't get me wrong, I love my roses and canna lily, but I'm ready to plant some mums and pansies. :  ( Until the weather cooperates, I'll just keep myself busy with other things.  Kind of hard to think fall when it looks like mid-summer outside. lol  Hope you're week is productive and full of joy!  (((HUGS)))


  1. As always Barbe, it is good to read a post from you. : ) Lovely colours still in your garden. Ok... so 100 is still kinda hot, but I wish we could have some of that warmth up here in Victoria. It definitely feels like fall here - have been wearing my leather jacket for a couple of weeks already! Looking forward to hear what you're up to next. Hugs!

    1. Hiya Fern,
      Thanks! I haven't been posting as much lately. Though the roses are beautiful, I am so over the hot temps! lol I also realize that in a couple of months I'll be looking forward to spring. hahaha!

  2. Oh girl we are having the same darn hot weather too! I am so over summer, than again I am usually over summer right when it starts! Looking forward to my fall and winter.

    1. It's 96 today but they say we'll be in the mid 80's by the weekend. Hopefully it will actually happen. : )

  3. Great to hear you are feeling better!
    I still have roses too :) The summer annuals are still blooming pretty, I think I will skip mums and plant pansies in November!


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