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April 16, 2012

Spring in the Garden!

Hello Everyone!
Well, it was a beautiful day yesterday and sunshine  in the mid to high 70's predicted through the weekend.  I so love California weather!  I went out yesterday and picked a few roses!  Isn't this a lovely yellow and they smell awesome!

About a year ago, I transplanted these lavender bushes.  I'm so excited to see all the new buds about to open.
This was the lavender bush a month ago and below is how it is now!

Last spring I also transplanted this young Rose of Sharon bush.

It seemed like an easy dig when I checked it out ahead time, very sandy soil.  So for a couple of weeks, I watered around it and dug in a circle to make the roots grow in a ball.   The dig started really easy, until I realized the largest root was rapped around the water main pipe!!!  Then the surgery began, . . . starting with getting lopping shears to cut below and around the pipe.  I even had to get my gardening butcher knife, old one I keep for just the garden.  This took quite a few hours.  But the surgery was successful and I kept it soaking in a five gallon bucket for over a week until I noticed new leaves developing.  Then I planted it in the bed and after a month saw new growth was continuing and new blooms were opening.  Thus I felt it was safe to go on vacation,even though the temps would be in the high 90's.  I knew management turns on the sprinklers at least twice a week for a half hour.  Never the less, I still reminded him before leaving on my 2 week trip.  Unfortunately, when I returned home, this is what I found . . . *_*

I was so upset and angry.  The soil around the plant was soaking wet; he watered it that morning before I got home.  I cut it back and decided to wait to see if it would come back.

Nothing happened last summer so I left until spring.  About a month ago, the manager asked if I wanted him to dig it out.  I said no I wanted to give it another month to see if any growth occurs!  Look what I found this morning!  I'm sorry its hard to see as I couldn't figure out a better way to take this shot, but there are shoots of green on all of the branches. : )  Yipppeeee!!!

Here are a few more shots of my garden from the past!
This is a lovely clematis I started from a 3 inch piece from my sister's  neighbor  plant which had grown over the fence and rooted behind her shed.  The shed in the background belonged to the owner, which I later white-washed and added hanging pots to it.
Close up of clematis blooms!

Climbing rose bush!

Peach geranium/pelorgonium

Hardinbergia on lattice.

Martha Washington geranium.

Europ daisy bush.
Below is the flower bed in front of my apt that I'm presently working on and changing.  I've already removed a load of ivy and thinned out the ferns.  There were more than 29 rose bushes in the small bed along with the most of the other plants you see.  I've removed five and intend to remove more of the smaller ones.

These below is more what I'm going for with some shade loving plants and easier maintenance.

Does anyone know the name of the plant below?  It blooms in the spring and fall and has a rhizome type root system, reproduces profusely.

So have you started your gardening tasks yet or still waiting for the snow to melt?  Thanks so much for stopping for a visit and sharing my sunny spring day with me.  Don't forget the Frugal Treasures Tuesday party is tomorrow and check to see if you were featured!
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  1. Everything is so pretty, love when the flowers begin to bloom! I did plant my vege's, we can't wait! The boys are most excited about the carrots :) XO

  2. Hi Kristin, thanks for stopping by. Isn't spring just the best with all the newness! That's how my boys were when they were younger also; the carrots and tomatoes, eat them right from the garden. : )

  3. You must have a green thumb for sure! I love your garden...maybe if I follow your blog I might get some good tips!

    Thanks for joining in with my Say G'Day Saturday party! I hope you will be able to join in again this weekend.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  4. Hi Natasha and thanks for stopping by for a visit. Trying to finish a project to link up in time for tomorrows party!. Have a great weekend. : )

  5. You have some amazing gardens there. WOW, you are such a green thumb for sure. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the newbie party.


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