So . . ., you've finally found the perfect place, lots of storage, nice size rooms, all the extra amenities. But, then you're told "no painting and no making holes in the walls"! You feel all your decorating plans going out the window. What can you do to make the space your own.

Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

I hope you enjoy my tips and will also share your own. I'll also be sharing some of my on going projects. Once again . . .

Barbe aka Bee

February 27, 2012

Welcome to Frugal Treasures Tuesday!

February 28, 2012

Hello fellow bloggers!   I'm starting my first Linky party - Frugal Treasures Tuesday!  You'll find the instructions and link at the end of this post.  For my first frugal treasure, I'd like to share this pole lamp and barrel-shaped lamp shade! I found the lamp a few years ago at my favorite thrift for $3.99.  The lamp shade I found last week for 79 cents because it had dents in it. But I knew when I finished with it they wouldn't show so jumped at the deal.

So first I tackled the lamp shade, which proved to be harder than I remembered; hadn't used a glue gun in a long time and finger tips are still sore! *ouch* lol  You see, I had made over a lamp shade before, but that was with white rose buds!  It was beautiful and came out so well.  Unfortunately, it was crushed beyond repair in my last move. : (  As for my supplies, I bought my flowers, hydrangeas,  from the dollar store which were inspired from this page off a calendar I bought at the 99cent store.

February 24, 2012

It Starts With A Strong Foundation!

I'm taking some time to remember and honor the memory of my greatest example in being a woman others loved and respected.  I only pray that I will have such a fine name in the eyes of others when my life ends.  I hope you enjoy reading and sharing this personal moment with me!

On February 24, 2000 my mom lost the battle against cancer.   She was only 74yrs young and still living quite a vital and active life.   Mom was a strong and beautiful woman and the vital cord that kept our family together.  Being a respectful and loving wife and raising 8 kids is a major challenge in any time, but she and my dad did it with grace and love.  Today I wanted to take a moment to remember the many things I've been taught by both of my parents to make me the woman I am today.  The one thing I loved most about my mom is she showed me that you can be a respectful and supportive wife without feeling like a lesser person.  I saw at a young age what it means for a couple to show mutual respect and consideration for one another and each be proud of their role in their marriage.  The lines were clear and even we as children knew it.  

February 23, 2012

Are You Living in the Meantime or Making it Homey?

 You may be surprised how many times I've been told, "Why are you doing all that extra work on someone elses property?  Its not like you own the place; what if they decide to sell?"  My answer is always, "Because I refuse to live in a temporary state as if in a nice hotel room; nice but none of my personality!"  I believe the personal touches are what make it homey and gives it your personality!  Funny how those same people are the ones who walk in my home and say, "Your home is so 'homey' and comfortable."  LOL!!!  Well, in my daily blog hopping I have found many of you who feel as I do; renters and homeowners.  This week I'm featuring one of them.
I'm am so happy to introduce to you a couple of decorating divas, identical twins, Milla and Kahli,  from  Design Par Deux!  First of all, I'd like you to know that they are renters!  But their home doesn't look temporary in the least.  With there many talents, creativity, and tenacity, they tackle their projects in an inspiring way.  At only 25yrs young, these ladies don't let challenges daunt their efforts and move forward with a great sense of humor and a lovely cat, Breeze, to keep them motivated! LOL!  I love how they show details and tutorials with their projects.  Their taste, I think would be considered a bit shabby chic, contemporary, with a vintage flair!  One of my favorites is these curtains that they stenciled!  Yes, you heard me . . . they stenciled these curtains themselves.

 You can see the entire project here.

February 14, 2012

My Latest Thrift Scores!

My health hasn't been great of late, I have Lupus and Fibro, so haven't been able to tackle my Bedroom of Roses makeover.  Presently, I'm sleeping on a double air mattress in my livingroom.  But I am still gathering and collecting pieces to help put it all together when the time comes.  So, since this past Friday I had to go for a doctor appt,  I decided to check out the local thrift stores and see what I can find.  At the top of my list was more vintage china with roses, interesting lamps to makeover, and possibly a smaller chair!  Well, . . . I soooo really scored!  I was just giddy when I found these

 This set was $3.50 at half off!  It is Delmar Rose - Iva-lure by Crooksville.  There's 3 plates, 2 saucers, and a bowl.

February 10, 2012

Awesome All in White!

Okay, so as I was strolling through Facebook I came upon this photo!!!  Isn't this bed awesome!!!  This is the creation of the talented Mrs. Billie Nixon of Austin,TX.   She features one of a kind pieces in shabby chic, beach house, french country antique. and vintage furniture.   She has a beautiful daughter, which she shares a picture of on her website.  I've seen many beautiful white pieces on the many blogs I've visited, but have never seen so such a large collection of vintage pieces all in one place.
You will find even more by visiting her website:      All in White Shabby Chic Designs!  She is so so talented and is an amazing example of decorating beautifully with white.  Notice the furniture has soft shades of color and the effect is just dreamy!  You will find even more on her Facebook page:  All-In-White-shabby-chic-and-beach-house-designs

February 8, 2012

Linky Follower Party Hop

Have you heard . . ., GFC will discontinue as of February 29th.  But we can stay connected with the all new Linky Follower.  So please take a moment and join, its easy, quick, and free!

Just click on this link to learn how:   Linky Follower Party Hop

February 3, 2012

When You Can't Paint the Walls!

Are you restricted in your rental and forbidden to paint?  It's okay . . ., don't despair.  There are options and they can be very beautiful.  But I've learned over the years how to work with the white walls and bring color in a room through accessories, both big and small, as shown below.

Bedroom of Roses Pre-Makeover

Okay, I've been putting off painting my bedroom for over a year.  So I'm going to see how much of my bedroom I can finish in the next 5days!  Actually the timing is perfect as I'm about to buy a new queen mattress set and the old set has already been removed.  Thus, since the bed frame is down and I have plenty of space to work, my plan is to get as much done as possible, like painting and rearranging the room.

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