So . . ., you've finally found the perfect place, lots of storage, nice size rooms, all the extra amenities. But, then you're told "no painting and no making holes in the walls"! You feel all your decorating plans going out the window. What can you do to make the space your own.

Well don't despair. There are many ways to get around the restrictions and limitations and I am here to share the ways I've overcome them over the past 18yrs.

I hope you enjoy my tips and will also share your own. I'll also be sharing some of my on going projects. Once again . . .

Barbe aka Bee

June 28, 2012

Vanity Reveal!

I've finally finished the vanity!  Whew . . . lol!  How did such a small project turn into such a big job, I still wonder. LOL!!!    But I'm quite happy with how she came out!  NOTE:  Heavy photo loaded post. : )

June 25, 2012

Frugal Treasures Tuesday #15

Well it's party time again.  I've been really busy working on my little vanity.  Though it's not a big job, its taking me so long because I just can't make up my mind where I want to take it from here.  I've given it the initial 2 coats of diy chalk paint in a sort of pearl white tone.  I've sanded it and it came out so so smooth; love chalk paint. : -}

June 19, 2012

Treasures In a Small Spaces!

A friend took me to the cutest mini-antique and craft mall while I was on vacation.  Our plan was to check out some local antique stores, but life got in the way.  By the time we were able to go, the stores were all closing. : (
So we decided to go to Ross's and then she remember the little craft mall.  You can see more of what they have to offer at there website here: NW Creations and Collectibles !

June 18, 2012

Frugal Treasures Tuesday #14

Hello Everyone!
It's partay time!!!  A few rules to get us started!

  1. Please link to your actual post and not your main blog page.
  2. Link your crafts, tutorials, photos, projects, or frugal finds.
  3. Important . . . Please add a link to the party on your post; my button or a text link is fine.  You cannot be featured if I don't find a link.
  4. If you're not already, I'd love if you'd follow me and leave a comment and I'll follow back. : )
  5. Try and visit a couple of the links and share with your friends so I'll party will grow.
  6. You may link up to 3 links each.
Have a great week and thanks for joining me each week!  So lets get going . . .

Frugal Treasures Tuesday Features!

Welcome and Happy Monday!
I've decided to do the features from last weeks party in a separate post.  The Frugal Treasures link party will be up tomorrow evening!  So lets get on with the features.

Once again you've all have made my job very difficult in trying to pick only a few links to feature each week.  You're just so talented and amazing.  So as usual, I'll start with the link which received the most clicks:
Congratulations to Peggy over at  Crazy Thrifty Crafts for her post on 'Garage Sale Tips'!  I love that so many took the time to check it out.  Her tips were simple and to the point and as a long time regular in having yard/garage sales, she was on the money.  One tip I can use now that my health has changed was in getting a young person to help you out.  Plus they can make money by selling a few of their own things.  Genius!!!

June 12, 2012

Frugal Treasures Tuesday #13!

Good Morning One and All!

Yes, I'm finally on my way home after a glorious vacation.  I'm still reeling with joy from the birth of my new grand-daughter!  Already missing both grand-daughters. . . : -(  But I guess I'll have to take a quick trip sometime this fall to get my grandma-fix before the winter sets in up in the Northwest!!! : -)  This weekend I'll be attending our annual 3-day Bible Convention, so really excited about that.

Although I've been checking in, I've missed all of you and bloggerworld.  I can't wait to see what you've all been working on now that the weather is warmer and kids are out of school.  What has been your great frugal find lately?   What fabulous project have you completed?  I'm hoping to finish my vanity this week.  Finishing the vanity will be the final piece of my long awaited Bathroom Makeover.  So watch for a complete reveal soon!

June 5, 2012

Rose Garden Stroll!

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I'm still here in Oregon enjoying my vacation and grand-daughters!  I will have the Frugal Treasures party back up next week.  In the mean time I thought I'd share my visit to one one of the beautiful rose gardens here in Portland, Oregon.. . Peninsula Park Rose Garden. *Note- this post is heavy with photos, so grab your coffee or tea and snacks and enjoy the scenery.  For some history of this park, as well as, other rose gardens just visit Portland's Rose Gardens & Garden Store.
This was our entrance into the park; it was actually the side of the park.  The house in the background is where we decided to park.   It wasn't very picturesque, but easier getting out with 2 little ones and a 9 month prego mommy! : -)
We start the walk to your right where the path goes behind the large tree.

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It's Overflowing Sunday
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